Return of the Vikings

Return of the Vikings

Title: Return of the Vikings
Sub-title: Nordic leadership in times of extreme change
Authors: Chris Shern and Henrik Jeberg
Ghostwriter: Richard Martin
Publisher: Danish Psychological Publishers
First published: May 2018
ISBN paperback: 9788771585865
ISBN ebook: 9788771585872

About the book

Culturally, politically, philosophically, the Nordic countries and territories have been at the forefront of much that is new and interesting in the Western world. Trendsetters in design, gastronomy, literature and visual art, the Nordics also draw attention today for their business practices and involvement in key international organisations. At an individual, corporate and societal level, the Nordics are gaining recognition for their distinct approach to leadership, as well as for contributions to the global community that are disproportionate to their relatively small size.

As explorers, navigators, political and educational innovators, the Nordic people have a rich heritage. This provides deep roots, traced back to the Viking era and the nine noble virtues derived from Norse mythology, even as applied in a modern, secular context. This heritage still informs how people in these northern nations live and work today. The global nature of business and communication in the twenty-first century means that the Nordic influence extends well beyond northern Europe. Their methods, values and leadership practices are woven into the DNA of international businesses founded in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, as well as in autonomous territories like Greenland. They also are exemplified by many Nordic practitioners who have chosen to work in other countries or for multinational organisations.

Chris Shern and Henrik Jeberg are uniquely positioned to provide insight about the impact of Nordic leadership and how it contrasts with practices elsewhere. As an American based in Denmark and a Dane based in the United States, both with extensive experience working with Nordic organisations around the globe, together they offer an intriguing outsider-on-the-inside and insider-on-the-outside perspective. In the book, their own stories are interwoven with those of a diverse range of interviewees, including business executives, entrepreneurs, activists, politicians, restaurateurs and sportspeople. These stories bring into focus some of the characteristics and behaviours that they associate with Nordic leadership.

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