On the Move

On the Move

Title: On the Move
Sub-title: Lessons for the future from Nordic leaders
Author: Pernille Hippe Brun
Ghostwriter: Richard Martin
Publisher: People’s Press
First published: February 2019
ISBN paperback: 9788770362382
ISBN ebook: 9788770362603

About the book

On the Move is an exploration of global leadership filtered through a Nordic lens. Pernille Hippe Brun’s interest in the topic has been inspired by her own experiences growing up in Denmark, then working internationally in such countries as Kenya, the United States and China, most recently with the rapidly expanding startup Tradeshift. This study brings together personal anecdote, business theory and examples from popular culture, as well as the stories and insights of fifty-eight Nordic leaders. These are entrepreneurs, senior executives and board members who collectively have worked in companies of all sizes across five continents.

Drawing on these various sources, the book assesses the convergence of contemporary trends in global business with long-established Nordic practices. It examines what underpins the Nordic leadership ethos, asking what relevance this may have for the rest of the world. On the Move questions what it is to be a leader in modern times, examining the opportunities and challenges that are addressed on a daily basis. It also highlights how an individual’s assumptions about themselves, their beliefs and their culture can all be cast in a new light when they take up post in another country.

The book is intended for a variety of different audiences, including anyone with an interest in leadership, organisation or change. It is also meant for people who work with Nordic colleagues or with Nordic organisations, helping them understand the leadership philosophy that informs how they think and work. In addition, guidance is provided for those who are about to embark on their first overseas leadership role, mining lessons learned by the global wanderers who preceded them.

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