The following is a link to a PDF version of the bricolage series compiled between November 2019 and April 2020.

Bricolage PDF

Two novels published in the past few years have inspired this small experiment.

First, I was intrigued by the manner in which George Saunders incorporated passages quoted from other texts into Lincoln in the Bardo (Bloomsbury, 2017). They provided background context to the central narrative. They also raised a question, through their multiple, often contradictory voices, regarding to what extent history is itself a fiction.

The other novel was Jeremy Gavron’s Felix Culpa (Scribe, 2018), the entire narrative of which is composed of a patchwork of fragments stitched together from other texts. The novel as bricolage.

In both cases, quoted passages from different sources follow one after the other. There is no additional commentary. They are creative exercises in curation. Yet they also speak to the notion, in which I strongly believe, that books converse with one another – across time and space.

The pieces included in the PDF are:

Reading as creation
Time capture
Memory’s poetry
Bridging poles
Writing to understand
Book conversations
When I is we
Stories and genes
Viewed askew

* Added April 2021