In brief

Writer and editor. Author of Mean Streets and Raging Bulls. Co-author of The Neo-Generalist. Ghostwriter of two books about leadership. Editorial and advisory services on books and other projects. Can I help you bring your writing idea to fruition?

Writing services

My writing services cover books, articles, reports, white papers and blog posts. Topics range from cultural studies, business and neo-generalism to literary criticism, film history and sport. These reflect personal research interests, as well as practical experience gained working in a range of industries. I welcome commissions to write original material under my own name, as well as ghostwriting opportunities on projects of any size or scope.

Editorial support

Whether helping you make a start on your project, critiquing a document or collaborating from initial idea to finished manuscript, I take on a variety of roles when providing editorial support. These include guide, sounding board, critical friend and copyeditor. The aim is to share whatever knowledge and experience I can, helping you develop as a writer, with feedback on structure, style, voice, grammar and content. In all cases, my services are bespoke, designed to meet your needs.

Beyond the CV

I am uncomfortable with labels and categorisation. It is too easy to look at people and what they do in terms of black-and-white distinctions, compartmentalising them, placing them in boxes. Instead, I am drawn to border-crossing, synthesis and mash-up. The Neo-Generalist, which I co-authored, contains the notion that ‘we are all an assembly of what we have read, the people we have met, the places we have visited, the conversations we have had, the work we have done’.

In my own case, I have lived and studied in both the UK and Spain, before settling with my family in Whitstable, a coastal town in Kent. I hold a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies and a PhD in Film Studies. My passion for literature, cinema and sports like rugby and cycling remain essential to how I view and engage with the world around me. This is the foundation for my writing, through which I seek to blend cultural studies with a variety of other topics.

My employment experiences have been diverse, covering the public, private, and non-profit sectors. They have included retail, academia, publishing, consultancy, information governance, knowledge management and change leadership. Throughout, context has determined to what extent I have been able to specialise or generalise in any given role. It is, though, the combination of what I have learned on this multidisciplinary journey that now informs the services I offer as a writer and editor.

I have had no job more satisfying than helping someone else translate a rough idea into a book in their hands. It allows me to draw on my interests in research, writing, editing and mentoring while providing a service that helps others realise their ambitions. It enables me to collaborate with fascinating people all around the world. It means, too, that I never stop learning.